The original missile roared off, and the Turkish fighter plane was shot down on the spot! Russia: dig your own grave

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Original title: a missile roars off, Turkish fighter is shot down on the spot! Russia: digging its own grave

according to Al Jazeera television, Turkey, which has always been unruly and self-discipline, has once again rectified the incident. It is reported that a Turkish fighter plane violated the capital of Libya without any reason and was shot down after a long time. This makes the public suspicious. Does Turkey want to intervene in the situation in Libya?

It is reported that the fighter plane shot down was a Turkish military UAV. The UAV circled Henan kuaishan entertainment platform near Tripoli, the capital of Libya, with a special challenge attitude. The last missile roared off and successfully shot down the Henan kuaishan entertainment platform. In this regard, Russian military experts commented that Henan kuaishan entertainment platform has always been fighting in Libya If Turkey, which remains neutral in China, is involved in the struggle, it means it wants to dig its own grave.

Since Gaddafi's regime was overthrown by the Western coalition forces, the internal situation in Libya has been melodious. With the western countries' emphasis on this place, Libya is now in a broken state of communication with Syria. At present, there are two main forces in Syria. The separation is the national unity camp supported by the West and the National Army supported by Russia.

The supporters behind the scenes of

are all abnormal and biased. Russia has provided a large number of heavy weapons for the national army, including hundreds of main battle tanks of the forefathers, and Western countries have continuously sent a large number of weapons and equipment for the forces they support. The reason why Russia supports the national army is special and simple.

First of all, Russia's main current target is not to allow the west to restrict the process of Libya. Libya is adjacent to the Mediterranean in the north, and its geographical location is equal. If the ports are modified, they can become military bases. If these ports are restricted, the country will have more say in the Mediterranean region. Therefore, Russia, regardless of the western countries, regards this place as a must.

With the development of the war in Syria, Russia is now well prepared to settle in the Middle East. Since the end of the cold war, the United States has always been the dominant region in the Middle East. In recent years, with the recovery of Russia's economic strength, this situation will be broken.


Tripoli is surrounded by the restrictions of the national army. Turkey sent UAVs to challenge the national army. Its current goal is to target Russia, and this move is nothing more than to show benefits to the United States. Since Turkey bought the S-400, the two countries have taken a sharp turn. Turkey can't bear the sanctions of the United States, so they come up with various means to flatter the United States.

However, the United States will not choose to accommodate Turkey because of its childhood affairs. At this stage, Turkey has offended the two major powers of the United States and Russia. Not only will the United States continue to sanction Turkey, but Russia will also let Turkey pay the price for its own stupid behavior.

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